“Poolestate plans and builds premium swimming pools in high-quality designs”


“Before you first plunge into the

refreshingly cool water”

Planning and consulting

We will gladly advise you on the selection and variations of your swimming pool, and will of course support you during its planning.

Planning applications and meetings with the building authorities

Building applications and dealings with the authorities are all part of ensuring the smooth planning and completion of your swimming pool. We will gladly attend official meetings and coordinate the swimming pool on your behalf.

Excavation and landscaping

We need an architect or a landscape gardener for an

inground swimming pool. We can be your helping hand in this planning phase as well by providing suitable recommendations.

Manufacture and construction

We build a variety of pools, be it for refurbishments or new projects. They range from polypropylene pools in different shapes to modular pools made of stainless steel. We will either deliver your pool or install it directly at your property.

Commissioning and instructions

We would be delighted to hand over the proverbial keys to your pool after getting it up and running and giving you some instructions.

Service and maintenance

We are at your disposal for maintenance and general services. This includes repairs to PVC panelling and polypropylene pools, as well as water treatment and pool equipment.



Filter systems like sand filtration, AFM filtering (Activated Filter Media) or multi-laying filtering are used to clean the water.


“We offer everything a premium pool

could conceivably need”


Poolestate builds your pool of proven materials like PVC-P panels, polypropylene, concrete or stainless steel.

Feed pumps

Feed pumps circulate the water and are crucial to operation.

As an alternative to simple or electronically-controlled feed pumps, Poolestate can also offer you energy-saving feed pumps.

Heat pumps

Poolestate uses high-quality and durable heat pumps that are selected carefully to suit your pool size and that can be manually or automatically controlled.


Poolestate has a variety of disinfection methods on offer. One variant is the manual addition of chlorine or oxygen.

The high-end solution is fully automatic disinfection based on salt electrolysis, hydrolysis or ozone (up to 120 m³).


A cover protects your pool and looks good as well. We offer slatted covers, plain covers, sliding wooden covers or aluminium canopies.

Solar collectors

As an alternative to heat pumps, EPDM or polypropylene solar collectors can be fitted.


We provide bespoke step solutions for each pool, whether it’s a polypropylene model or a stainless steel pool.


Your pool should not do without stylish showers. All of our showers are made of polished or ground V4A stainless steel.


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